Salomé TESTOT-FERRY campaign leader

After the suffering of Rwanda due to the worlds worst tragedy of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi, so many were displaced, so many became orphans, poverty levels rose due to economic devastation, acute famine and other community problems developed, and the populations were left helpless. Since this tragedy, Rwanda has put in place several strategic plans to recover and overcome these problems sustainably, and so much has been done in this line with the collaboration of every institutions.
However there are several chronically prevailing issues and continuous effort needs to be provided to solve the persistent problems that the Rwandan community is still facing.

The founders of Journey House Africa have been working tirelessly in different communities for the past 10 years, which developed the idea of JHA. Journey House Africa wishes to build on previous experiences and achievements to expand its interventions and make a greater and more meaningful impact on the welfare and social justice on its program and projects’ beneficiaries. We believe that we can spread our efforts to scale-up our contribution to people’s well being and prosperity in Rwanda. As such, enabling strategies will allow JHA to create, develop and improve its partnership with key stakeholders, including the government of Rwanda, the beneficiaries, and our esteemed funders. We have a strong belief that the involvement of major stakeholders in our project can lift the limitations that our programs and interventions currently face, as well as, above all else, improve and enhance them substantially and sustainably.

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