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September 2013 Ryan's 34th Birthday

Dear Angel Friends and Family
September 20th would have been Ryan's 35th birthday. He died June 22,1998. Vaccine preventable meningococcal meningitis took his life at age 18. Sadly kids are still being left debilitated and dying from this disease. Through the work of Angels, we have help decrease the disease burden in the US with education on the diseases and the vaccinations to prevent them. This not only includes meningococcal meningitis but also pneumococcal and Hib meningitis. We have helped Angels with health and educational aids including college scholarships and other needs to make their life a little easier.
Our work is not yet done. We have not done enough. Kids are still being left severely debilitated. They are still dying. WE NEED YOUR HELP!
In honor and memory of Ryan's birthday we would invite you to please make a donation to our cause.
We also invite you to make donations in memory or honor of your Angels. We can't continue this important work without your help.
Donations can also be made at;
Thank You and God Bless You,
Ryan's Mom and Dad
Bob and Frankie Milley


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