Victoria Dickerson Morgan
Victoria Dickerson Morgan campaign leader

Exploring Risky Behaviors

Friends, I am adding a weekly update to inform you about risky behaviors that children and young adults are involved in. I want to help educate students, parents, teachers, administrators, ministers, doctors, and anyone who is a child or who cares about children, about things that they might be involved in, which can cause harm to themselves and others. I was to begin these articles a couple of weeks ago, but due to some unforeseen things, was unable to begin, as promised. Our first article will be on "Why Become Involved in Risky Behaviors?", followed by "Don't Laugh at Me", an article on bullying. These will be followed by about 12 new risk behaviors, that you may not know about. Since December 27, 2008, I have beat myself up, many times, because I did not recognize the signs of my daughter being involved in "Choking Game" activities. The reason: I knew nothing about it! My Jenny did not understand the consequences of what she was doing! When I have written my last article on these risk behaviors, I do not want anyone to be able to use 'not knowing' as an excuse. We must band together to learn what our children are doing and teach our children the consequences of such behaviors! The first article will be out this week. If you have others you know who would benefit from this information, I ask you to please have them join this cause. Those who have signed up, and list their e-mail addresses as a contact, will receive these personal messages! I look forward to sharing what I have researched and learned, in the weeks ahead!


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