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Early bird registration for IFIP's 11th Annual Conference ends today!

If you're interested in attending IFIP's 11th Annual Conference on indigenous sustainability, which will be held in San Francisco on May 16 - 18, register now to save $50! Click here or enter the link into your browser to register:

Our three tracks this year include "Investing in Indigenous Models of Sustainable Development," "Strengthening Partnerships and Alliances," and "Protecting Ancestral Territories and Safeguarding Human Rights."

If you like the idea of meeting a community of donors that thinks globally, acts locally and operates holistically, working in partnership with the communities they seek to fund, then take a look at IFIP. We will enhance your understanding of the challenges to survival that we face today and present practical and inspiring solutions from Indigenous scholars, activists and community leaders from the US and around the world. We will offer you numerous opportunities to collaborate and support their important work.

IFIP plays a special role in the world of giving. Indigenous peoples, still three hundred million strong, are the keepers of traditional knowledge critical to the bio-cultural diversity of our planet. Their millennia of resilience provide a blueprint for sustainable, low-carbon lifestyles, with respect for our human interrelationship with the natural world. IFIP addresses, in particular, the exclusion of Indigenous Peoples from sustainability policymaking as it is mirrored by the disproportionate lack of attention they receive in philanthropy: they are five percent of the world’s population, yet they receive less than 2/100 of one percent of philanthropic dollars.

We hope you will join us this year for IFIP’s Annual Conference in San Francisco!

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