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We Need the Numbers: Please Stand With Me To Stop Elder Abuse & Neglect

Please take a moment to join me in the cause to Stop Elder Abuse & Neglect. This can happen to anyone, anywhere & NO ONE is exempt. I appreciate those who click "like" but please I need MORE people to join me in this fight. We are currently at 344 members strong BUT, we need more people to stand up for this cause. Once you have joined the cause then please share the link on you page and invite all of your friends to join us to "Stop Elder Abuse & Neglect". To bring awareness to this we need the numbers, to let every one know that this will no longer be tolerated and and we are demanding accountability for all who are corrupt & in any way hurt the elderly.
Thank You,
Hello to all the people who have agreed to stand with me in attempting to bring this serious matter, that in fact is a crime, to bring the issue of elder abuse & neglect to the public's attention all in hopes they too will stand with us and say "This is no longer acceptable!!! we as society will no longer sit back and allow these crimes against our nation's elderly go unnoticed nor accountable. Please, currently we are only at 396 members, my goal is to find another 104 people believe in standing up for this and saying that we as society will no longer accept this in any way, shape or fashion. Please share this link, all in hopes of bringing attention to this crime....
Thank you all,
Lisa Bokesch
Hello everyone :) to date we are currently at 390 members, and our closer to the goal of having 500 members soon. As I know I can not do this with out your help. To make any kind of statement or impact we truly need numbers of people to stand up and support the efforts to bring awareness to "Stop Elder Abuse & Neglect" our elderly population is counting on us. I realize that many will just click the "Like" button and feel that is all that is needed, but yes I appreciate your likes I really need you to take a moment out of your time and click on the link and officially support this page and show everyone that this is no longer acceptable & will no longer be tolerated & accountability is a must.


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