Henry McCurtis
Henry McCurtis campaign leader

Balm In Gilead

There are many Causes in this world of need. There is enough need to keep every soul on this planet reaching out to sooth someone's pain and suffering. Sometimes the effort requires heroic effort to bring order and calm to a troubled mind body and spirit. Sometimes it is a simple validation that says I see, hear, feel, and understand your pain. Sometimes it's a keystroke that sends a blessing through cyberspace. That is what I am asking you to do that for the pilgrims in the amputee camps of Makeni in Sierra Leone by simple joining the Cause and inviting a Friend and asking them to do the same. WWSL wants to send a message that we will never forget their pain or leave them alone.
WWSL extends its heartfelt thanks to all of you in our global community, linked on cyberspace, who have joined in to nurture hope and healing for our Brothers and Sisters in Sierra Leone as they courageously transcend their past traumatic experience and set an example for the world illustrating the power of human resilience.
Thank you on behalf of WWSL for your act of kindness illustrated by your effort to raise awareness and send a blessing of hope through cyberspace. This message reverberates in the hearts of all who grasp the need for care, compassion, and concern for all human kind. We are living in perilous times. There is an inclination toward self preoccupation and self presevation. The ideal of having a transpersonal collective goal that trumps our individual concerns requires the nuture that your random yet deliberate act of kindness demonstrates. From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU!
Stay Strong,

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