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In a feeble attempt to amend what government agencies now admit is an animal welfare issue they have spent 3 years and thousands of tax payers’ dollars devising a plan to stun defenseless joeys with a BOLT GUN before cutting their heads off. The government and the kangaroo industry have not been in a hurry to amend this brutal aspect of the industry as the trial and research into the cruelty inflicted on joeys was to happen between 2009 and 2012, in an attempt to address significant animal welfare concerns expressed by the RSPCA in their 2002 Report, now 10 years ago.
That time frame is now coming to a close and this is what they come up with in an effort to justify spent tax payers dollars and look busy!
However they can never escape the fact that the joeys are innocent victims and discarded byproducts of a cruel industry.

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