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Help Raise National Institute of Health (NIH) Funding - Sign the Petition by April 17th

Dear Friends and Supporters,

In 2003 National Institute of Health (NIH) funding was cut. It has continued to fall every subsequent year behind the rate of inflation.

This policy strikes a dissonant cord with me when I am reminded how much has been paid for political influence and corporate gain over the last decade. Who has the ear of the scientific community in this age of corporate bailouts, political lobbyists and super PACs? Was this not a country that once prided itself in scientific achievement and leadership?

The consequences of our public policy reach far and wide. They include not just the obvious: job loss and the end of brilliant careers for many senior scientists. This continued decline in funding also virtually ensures that the next generation of scientists will not come from the United States.

Finally, long-term research programs are being aborted and promising hypotheses have been tabled indefinitely. These cuts to research programs are what will affect you and me more directly. Why? Because understanding the cause of illness is critical to improving treatment options for the afflicted; it is also critical to finding a cure.

Private donations and endowments, like the one in my brother’s name, provide necessary seed money to test a good research idea. Once that idea shows promise, it takes years - and tens, if not hundreds of millions of dollars - to execute the full blown research. Providing grants for sustained research has been the domain of government organizations (the likes of NIH) and foundations.

For these reasons, I urge you to sign the petition to increase NIH funding to $33 billion at the “We The People” website on

It only takes a minute to register and sign it, but the effects of your action will be felt for generations.

Please do it now, before the April 17th deadline. Go to:

Liz Brooking

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