Dave Dillon
Dave Dillon campaign leader

To all members as animal lovers!

To all members as animal lovers!
I have written several letters to Mr Engelbert Humperdinck the person chosen to represent United Kingdom in the European song contest.
I for one don’t have an axe to grind with the contest my gripe is with the Azerbaijan organisers who have with their government ordered the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of dogs, cats and any other animal that wanders the streets as strays or personal pets. The aim is sickening just to what they call clean the streets for the visitors and TV companies so as not to be shown in a bad light.
In my view they are the bad light as I would much prefer to see these animals alive and well roaming the streets and move the contest somewhere else somewhere cleaner!.
Please support our actions as time is running out for many animals and sign our two petitions now and post this to your wall in support. As a cause we can stop this slaughter if we sty together. As animal lovers I know you will all do the right thing and sign and post.



I have pasted this note to Engelbert’s Facebook page but it is being removed in minutes. Perhaps if we all do it he may get the message. (http://www.facebook.com/OfficialEngelbertHumperdinck)
Kind regards Dave Dillon



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