Robyn Porteous
Robyn Porteous campaign leader

Pet Stores

I know this cause is aimed at the prohibition of the sale and advertisement of animals on the web via sites such as Gumtree and Junk Mail, but I saw something yesterday that horrified me. The Garden Shop in Randburg, next to Sandton Clinic, has a pet store attached to it. There were two puppies, which isn't so bad, since they looked healthy - although their mere presence in a cage breaks my heart. But what killed me even more were the reptiles and the enclosures in which they'd be shoved into. The enclosures were TINY! And in them, not one, not two, but three relatively large lizards could be found - one of which was desperately throwing itself against the glass in an effort to get out. Now, I know, that a lizard isn't everyone's idea of a pet. But then why stock so many? Rather, if you must sell them at all, stock fewer, whilst providing larger enclosures, and if need be, have an ordering system. I was completely livid at the state of some of the enclosures, and found it to be testimony to everything I hate about the trade of animals for money - the care, comfort and quality of life of the animal means nothing to those who seek monetary gain from their existence. I, for one, shall boycott the Garden Shop and urge you all to do the same! Write e-mails to [email protected] and phone 011 463 9913 to make these people aware that we will not tolerate such places anymore. It's a sad state of human affairs when in 2012, we continue to abuse and murder the innocent, in both a human and animal form. Disgusting.



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