Deborah Mupapa
Deborah Mupapa campaign leader

Congo week event:

Since 1996 the eastern republic democratic of Congo has suffered from various ethnic conflicts and wars.

According to UN reports in 2007 alone 400 000 rape cases were reported. Up until now, 48 cases of rape are reported in an hour. The DR Congo has played host to the world's deadliest conflict since WWII, where more than 5.4 million people have died from the ravaging effects of the war. The international response to this forgotten crisis has been wholly inadequate. With violence and atrocities......s again on the rise, enough launched this new multi-year, multifaceted national campaign to spur immediate action and activism to end the suffering and promote peace in the region. Its mission: to protect and empower Congo’s women and girls.
The Congo week campaign will work to: raise awareness about the conflict and the resulting widespread sexual violence against women and girls; cultivate and educate activists about the root causes of and solutions to the conflict; increase news coverage of the conflict in DR Congo, and; influence and change policy on DR Congo through promotion of the 4 Ps – Peace, Protection, and Punishment – plus Prevention.
Women and young girls in DR Congo are going through serious menstrual disorder because of sexual violence’s in Congo and they are using pieces of unclean cloths instead of using an hygienic pad and the abused young girls are obliged to stay away from the public appearance especially the school.
come together to restore the dignity of women..
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