Lorri Sawatsky
Lorri Sawatsky campaign leader

The $300 Rice Raiser CHALLENGE

Want to make a real difference in people's lives who live in some of the word's poorest countries? You can by inviting your friends/your family/your colleagues/your neighbours to join you in raising $300.
Some of this money will be matched $3 - $1 and $4- $1 - that's right, for every dollar we raise the Canadian international Development Agency will match it. You'll be helping people in four different countries and wha't more, for every completed Challenge, Save-On-Foods will match with 50 kgs. of rice to go to our local food bank (up to 450 kgs)!! That is amazing!
To see a breakdown of what $300 can do for people in Burundi, Haiti, North Korea and Sudan, go to our website: www.hungerresponse.org/rice-raiser/the-challenge - download and print off flyers of the challenge to share and to help encourage others to join you!
GET INSPIRED - make this challenge something you can do to help others this year!! Invite others to join you. It's about working together, each giving a little and together we'll change a lot and make a big difference in people's lives.
We're excited...people are taking the $300 Challenge and their money is being multiplied!

Four people have completed the $300 Challenge already! That's $12,000 raised with a combined value of over $4,000!!

We're awarding everyone who completes the Challenge with a 'Brilliant Giver Award' because this kind of giving with all the matching grants is definately, brilliant!!! It turns $300 into more than $1000!!

Thanks to Anita and Andrew, Doreen, Kimberly, Don and Gloria!! They're brilliantly helping to change hunger locally and globally!

Want to learn more about the $300 Challenge? You can do this too. You can have your own fundraiser and meet the goal of $300.

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