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Joseph John Meli campaign leader

We need more cause members to join

Dear Members,
Now that 17 tons of silver & gold coins from an 1804 shipwreck have been returned back to Spain, this makes it more possible that the same principle could be applied to the treasures stolen from the Island of Malta by French troops.

The news stated that the planes landed with the 594,000 coins and other artifacts retrieved after a five-year legal wrangle with the Florida-based salvage company Odyssey Marine Exploration, which had taken the haul to the U.S. in May 2007.

For this reason we insist with you as members of this cause so that the GrandMaster Jean De Valette's sword and dagger, besides the many treasures of gold and silver items stolen from Maltese Churches must be also returned back to the original owners MALTA.

But to claim this we still need much further signatures and we ask you to pass this to your face-book friends and tell all your friends and relatives to sign this cause now.

Thanking you in advance.
Mr. J. Meli (founder of cause)
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