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Save The Nubian Heritage. Add your friends

Save The Nubian Heritage in Sudan

Nubia is a region along the River Nile that extends from southern Egypt to Northern Sudan. Unlike the Egyptian government, the Sudanese government is not doing anything to preserve Nubian heritage in Northern Sudan. Did you know there are temples, statutes of ancient Nubian-Egyptian gods, and more than 200 Nubian Pyramids in Northern Sudan? they are distroying it by building new dams and by encouraging the civil random exploration of gold.
Help us save this heritage. Join our cause lets SAVE it.

Its the time to be together as one, to have a strong stand, to rescue our huge precious history, to let our government know that 'our heritage is more valuable than the gold they are searching for, its not just stones as they think, to build dams and sink it, its not a commodity to sell it, its our past, present and our future, its our lifes'. Stop building dams, stop distoying our history, stop Arabizing the Nubians, stop the Nubians genocide.

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