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We are compiling a Shoppers Guide which will show...

RED = Halal Certified & labelled halal

RED = Halal Certified, but not labelled halal

RED = Manufactured by a Halal Certified Company, but not considered halal by muslims

RED = Products whose ingredients incorporate Halal Bi-Products

RED = Pork, Ham or Bacon that is being marketed by Islamic Companies (that are obviously not being halal compliant, but just want to make money at any unethical cost.)

ALL THOSE in the RED are the 'halal' Products/Brands WE AIM TO AVOID

GREEN are Companies & Brands that have not submitted to Islam. 
GREEN are also the products which muslims say are halal despite the fact that they are produced by Companies that have not submitted to halal registration.

IMPORTANT: just because Muslims say products are halal for them does not mean that we should avoid them... we avoid those Products & Services & Companies that are halal certified. 

This project is taking much longer than we originally thought - so many products have become halal certified over the past year - the whole Guide now needs researching again & rechecking which takes time
We will keep you informed and will publish the FREE SHOPPERS GUIDE asap.
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