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Rob Moir
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Bad Fertilizer Bill Dies in Florida, Good for Ocean Wildlife, Beaches and Lawns

Florida’s fertilizer state bill, bad for wildlife and extra expense for lawn owners, died yesterday. Florida Independent recognized the Ocean River Institute writing to key legislators and quotes me.
“Setting fertilizing bans is an important right of local government,” he writes. “Let them declare lawn fertilizer vacations during the hot summer months when rains are heaviest. Local government should set the summer dates for when their people need not waste their time and resources to apply fertilizers. People should be permitted to take a break from applying fertilizers when it is doing the most harm to the environment and the least good for their lawns.”
According to a letter sent by Ocean River Institute President Rob Moir, the bill would “strip counties of their rights to responsible environmental stewardship” and would prove “a major setback for county governments that have enacted ordinances to reduce summer stormwater runoff of nitrogen and phosphorus into waterways.”
So why go to so much trouble to oppose a bill that has already been killed by the Senate? According to Moir, the Ocean River Institute sent it so that “when a new bill is introduced next year, decision-makers will better understand the risks of siding with industrial lobbyists instead of the people when it comes to fertilizing, nitrogen pollution, and green lawns.”
In closing his letter, Moir asks that the state reps “put a stop to big government messing with local stewardship.” The letter was sent along with the personal comments of more than 1,500 concerned individuals.

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