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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! (Wanted to be the first to say it to you)

I know... You thought, "WHAT?" It's exactly what I thought when I heard Christmas Carols in the grocery store last weekend. It's too early. BUT it's not.

As the holidays approach, I wanted to remind everyone that although checks and larger amounts are nice and won't be returned to sender, there are many other ways that show your support to the AfricaJack Foundation. Buying holiday gifts online, Betty from iGive said that they will give us $5 bonus if you sign us up as your cause of choice and shop within $45 days. There are over 700 stores and the list continues to grow. Register at (www.igive.com/africajack)

Search the net with iSearchiGive.com (powered by Yahoo!). Every time you search the net and use iSearch, your validated search earns the Foundation 2 cents/search. Those pennies do add up. See for yourself (http://www.isearchigive.com/?s=28&c=40521).

How could we forget about the coffee? http://www.sweetunityfarmscoffee.com/africajack Order two bags (saves you money with shipping) Each purchase helps to fund the building of our current project in Tanzania.

Have a wonderful rest of the year and joyous Holiday season with friends, family and most important, the ones you love!


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