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Food for thought this Thanksgiving

The average American’s Thanksgiving dinner cost $20.00. The average Palestine refugee living in Gaza has less than a dollar a day to spend on food, and 80% of refugees rely on UNRWA food aid for their basic food needs. Children are the most adversely affected.

In Gaza, childhood malnutrition, anemia, and brittle bone disease are on the rise as children are not getting the nourishment they need for healthy growth and development. In Khan Younis, the region with the highest rate of abject poverty in the Gaza Strip, hunger not only impacts children’s physical development but also their education. The principal at Khan Younis Elementary Co-ed School reports that 1-2 children pass out daily from hunger. Other children complain of hunger-related headaches and dizziness. Hunger is robbing these children of their health, happiness, and education.

So this Thanksgiving we ask that you consider donating half the cost of your Thanksgiving dinner—roughly $10—to feed a child in Gaza. Pumpkin pie taste a lot sweeter when it’s topped with generosity! Donations can be made at or directly through Causes.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy Thanksgiving,

American Friends of UNRWA

p.s. Please help us spread the word by recruiting others to join our cause and by sharing our Thanksgiving message on you Facebook wall and Twitter feed.

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