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Miracles Happen-Spark the Light of our Jewish Youth

Shalom Camp Judaea,

It was 1972 and I was standing with my parents at the dingy Greyhound station in downtown Miami, a tall, shy sixth grader headed to Hendersonville by myself when my mother decided I needed a friend. She forced me to meet a girl named Robin. Robin was laughing and talking and joking around, and she knew a lot of kids at the station. Before we even boarded the bus, Robin and I became best friends. We talked our way up the coast of Florida, ate junk food at the Jacksonville stop (an even creepier bus station!), and slept through Georgia.

When daylight broke 26 hours later, we were turning off of Chimney Rock Road into camp. I stepped out of the bus and onto the white gravel that forms the earth at Camp Judaea and in an instant, CJ captured my heart forever.

I had the privilege of attending camp that summer because someone like YOU - an alum, a Young Judaean, a camp parent, a grandparent, a Hadassah member - recognized the critical importance of the Camp Judaea Scholarship Fund.

This past summer, I had the privilege of hearing the crackle of that very same gravel underfoot when I returned to celebrate Camp Judaea's 50th Anniversary with Robin and the group of friends I never left.

It was there that we joked about stories from the stables, reminded our madrichot of embarrassing tales, and stood on chairs in the Chadar Ochel to "shake our Offie butts" while singing every word of every song we ever sang at camp. Michael Pousman went to the bakery shop to get something to eat, Michael Shor's boat was a row, and Michael Kaplan was cheery and he was bim bam, too. Farlen Halikman wore a blue chultzah, Eli Rockowitz wore an accordion, Mario Zacharjasz wore the Azor HaDarom shirt he designed, and Josh Zwerner... well, for once, he wore some clothes. Nothing had changed - and yet so much had changed - and that is the miracle of Camp Judaea.

This Chanukah season, please join us in giving back generously as we mark 50 years of camping miracles like ours.

Your meaningful, annual gift of $180, $250, $360, $1,000 or more can make all the difference in our world of miracles. Please donate now to rise and shine to raise $200,000 for our"Miracles Happen - Spark the Light of our Jewish Youth" Scholarship Campaign!

From the bottom of our Blue Ridge hearts, Happy Chanukah and thank you for all you do for Camp Judaea,

Betsy August Gold, Young Judaea Founding Board, with her best friend from 1972, Robin Mendelson, Camp Judaea Scholarship Chair

P.S. Bogies are best.

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