Shelby Tomaszewski
Shelby Tomaszewski campaign leader

NY needs 500 to 1000 letters to Sen. Skelos Ask your friends and Neighbors to write.

We need 500 to 1000 letters to the Senate Majority leader asap--session beginning soon.

Emails are just not good enough--hand written letters are acceptable. Let Senator Skelos know you want S1438 moved to the floor for a vote. It is the adoptee's fundamental right to know and anything else is unacceptable.

write to him in his district office and in Albany!

Senator Dean Skelos
55 Front St.
Rockvbille Centre, NY 11570
fax: 516 766- 8011
call only if you live in his district.
Phone: 516 766-8383

Albany Office
LOB 909
Albany, NY 112247
fax: 518 426-6950
Call only if u live in his district
518 455-3171

Please note: when session begins we will be calling his office / that means all of us!

Joyce Bahr
NYSAR President


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