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Stop the Blasphemy against Jesus The Christ the Son of God.

Please help spread this cause until we have enough people and signatures, asking You Tube for the Removal of these Anti Catholic and Anti Jesus video messages made by comedian "Louis CK". They are full of blasphemy against Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. They are so insulting to God the Father who gave his only begotten Son who became a man live and die on a cross for all man kind. Jesus at any time he could have called legions on Angels to came and rescue him, and it would be done. However, Jesus did his father will and died the most painful death, so that heaven would once again be opened for us all . This comedian compares Jesus the Son of God, to a guy who keys cars! He calls Our Lord many crude names and accuses him of being a thief and a liar. These videos are gross and some graphic! These videos totally insult The Whole Body of Christ and the Catholic Faith. This breaks my heart and I want to find people who are like minded and will help me to ask You-Tube to remove them. How many entertainers have been been called out and made to apologize for insulting a gay or lesbian persons or groups! I have seen it happen and men and women have lost jobs and crowns because of these insults. But to insult Jesus Christ the Son of the Almighty God, seems to be fine in many peoples eyes. What was once wrong in the world has become right, and the right is now considered wrong. If all like minded believers will act, we can make changes. Believers who love Jesus the Son of God, please help me ask or demand that You- Tube take down these videos.Let us ease the heart of Jesus! The One and Only True God who became man for all of us unworthy creatures. Maybe they will indeed take these off the You Tube Network. Thank you for reading this and caring enough about Our Lord Jesus the Christ!
Please sign this petition and share it with others.
Please sign this petition and share it with others.
Please sign petition that is asking for the removal of C.K. Louis's videos on You Tube, that blaspheme Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church.


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