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2 Fun Ways to Support Pandas and Other Wildlife for the Holidays

As the last days of 2011 draw to a close, we are proud of the conservation successes that you've helped support. Discover 15 highlights from our work around the world to protect species and habitats here: http://bit.ly/rSHxww (http://bit.ly/rSHxww)

Here are 2 more ways you can help!

Send a Holiday E-card
Looking for an alternative to paper greeting cards this year? WWF e-cards are an easy and environmentally-friendly way to share the joy of the season and your support of conservation with family and friends. http://bit.ly/sU6zxX (http://bit.ly/sU6zxX

Collect a Piece of WWF History
Help us honor five decades of conservation leadership by donating to WWF. For a limited time, you can choose a unique thank-you gift featuring the 1961 sketch of a panda that inspired our current logo. Visit our Gift Center: http://bit.ly/sZdFPH (http://bit.ly/sZdFPH)   

To learn more about WWF’s strategies for protecting pandas and their habitats, please visit http://bit.ly/s0K9Ho (http://bit.ly/s0K9Ho)

Happy holidays and thanks for your support of wildlife and wild places.
Your Friends at WWF

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