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Update on API's Appeal Progress and Special Gift-giving Ideas


We're feeling the love


Dear Supporter,

API is in a great time of need and your response is exciting - we have more than 150 brand new donors to API, from many parts of the world, joining our loyal, long-time supporters who helped API make it to 17 years.

That's 17 years of not only raising a voice for the importance of our children's secure attachment, but always undergirding that message with vital parenting information and encouragement, and as a result, changed lives and future generations.

We have already reached more than half of our goal for this appeal, with good momentum! We pause to say thank you so much for each and every gift.

If you have not already given, please help us reach our goal andconsider a donation now ( in response to our appeal, perhaps in the name of someone you love--as a special holiday gift that keeps on giving:

$10 can cover API brochures at a conference or a donation to a local group requesting outreach materials, or shipping for several Attached at the Heart books.
$17.95 can ship a copy of Attached at the Heart to a support group, organization, or a family in need.
$19 can underwrite a teleseminar for a parent who has requested financial aid to attend.
$25 can help provide safe sleep brochures free of charge in communities to potentially safe an infant’s life.
$50 can help API get books and media distributed to its reviewers or support the cost of designing materials for communications.
$100 can provide brochures for key conferences to reach thousands of professionals and the multitudes of parents in their care.
$500 can provide our 800# and phone service for a year, or a tax accountant for annual nonprofit information return preparation.

$1,000 can help API upgrade our website hosting and design, permitting staff to more easily upgrade pages and visitors to more easily share resources.
$4,000 can cover the cost of bringing The Attached Family to publication and distribution to thousands of families.
$5,000 can provide cost-effective technology infrastructure to increase outreach and improve communications to reach greater numbers of families or support research initiatives
$10,000 could provide capabilities to bring web classes and conferencesdirectly to thousands of parents.
$20,000 can support the accreditation and resourcing of API Leadersthroughout the year as they serve families free of charge many times every month.
Please donate today ( online, with the donation service of your choice, or mail a check along with the form provided at the link below. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at 800-850-8320.

We will send a donation gift certificate to your gift recipient. Make your gift through your choice of payment processors and be sure to send an emailto [email protected] ( ( with the donation choice, name of recipient, and email address. We will email you a certificate for printing or emailing, or email your recipient directly, and include it in API's website tributes, as desired.

Wishing you very Happy Holidays,

In gratitude,

Samantha Gray 

Executive Director

Attachment Parenting International is a nonprofit organization with a mission to educate and support all parents in raising secure, joyful and empathic children...

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