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Blind Cat Rescue needs your vote in a New Contest, Please help :)

Hi!! Animal Rescue site contest starts again tomorrow (Monday 1/9) and we are eligible for the grand prize of $5,000 and a weekly prize of $1,000 You won it for us last year, we hope you will help us win it a second year in a row.

This contest is a DAILY VOTE, One vote per computer every day...
We set up a voting event on Facebook if you want to get a daily reminder: Here is the link for the event

Here is the contest information: Here is your link:

In the shelter name box type only the words: blind cat
In the State pick: NC

do NOT fill in any thing else.... click search and we will be the only one that shows up.
Click VOTE
and on the second page you will need to fill in the letter in the capita to show you are not a computer :)

and that is all there is to do it.

Thank you so much for helping the cats!!

On another Note, OPEN HOUSE schedule for the next three months is

Saturday 1/14 noon-4
Saturday 2/18 noon-4
Saturday 3/17 noon-4

We hope you will get an opportunity to visit!!

Take Care,


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