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Become one of 2,012 new voices for animals

The power behind every PETA victory—from rescuing a neglected "backyard dog" to saving thousands of animals from deadly government-sponsored experiments—is generous support from PETA members.

We're 30 percent toward our goal of 2,012 new PETA members during January, and this is our final call for new members on Causes. Will you help us win even more victories for animals by becoming a member for 2012 right now? (

Our drive for 2,012 new card-carrying PETA members is gaining strength, and a generous PETA supporter has agreed to donate $10 for every new member toward that goal during January. There may be no better time to join than now (, when your membership gift will go $10 further toward helping animals.

Along with a subscription to our colorful and informative magazine Animal Times, all PETA members receive a membership card as a reminder of their power as PETA donors. The membership card represents each donor's dedication to helping animals and fighting against their abuse and is a symbol of pride for Alec Baldwin and thousands of other compassionate people who financially support the most effective animal rights organization the world has ever seen.

Judging by the exciting news in recent weeks, this year could be a critical one in the fight for animal rights. Following many years of campaigning by PETA and other groups, the U.S. National Institutes of Health has announced that it will no longer fund new experiments on chimpanzees. This terrific news came just days before Russia, one of the largest buyers of skins from slaughtered Canadian seals, banned the import of seal products after pressure from PETA and animal activists around the world.

But despite these recent victories, more than 100 million individual animals will be condemned to death in U.S. laboratories in 2012. And this spring, thousands of seal pups may still be slaughtered off Canada's shores to support the international skins trade.

These and other animals need us to do everything we can to save them from pain, abuse, and neglect. Can I count on you to help us do more for animals in 2012 by becoming a PETA member right now? (

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Ingrid E. Newkirk

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