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The Shameful Secret of the Fur Trade

Dear Friend,

Cats and dogs in China—more than 2 million individual animals this year alone—will be killed for their fur. Animals like the ones we share our homes with as beloved family members are being routinely abused and slaughtered for their fur.

This cold fact has been witnessed repeatedly by investigators from PETA Asia and independent animal protection organizations around the world.

PETA is leading the campaign against the bloody fur industry. Please support our efforts for all animals today with a special gift to bolster our lifesaving work. (

The animals suffering in these markets can't tell their own story, so I'll relay to you just some of what PETA Asia investigators have documented:

•             "Workers stuffed hundreds of terrified animals into cages to make the trip to the Chinese animal markets. No food or water was provided."

•             "The cages were packed so full that the animals couldn't move inside. And dying or dead animals were packed in with the living."

•             "When they arrived at the market, the cages were tossed 10 feet from the tops of the trucks to ground below, shattering the bones of the fearful animals inside."

All these horrors take place so that someone can have a fur coat or fur trim on a hat. It's outrageous and must be stopped.

I know that it's hard to read about this cruelty. But I want you to know how you can be a part of ending this misery—by supporting PETA's work to save these and other animals from being abused in the name of a violent, greedy industry built on suffering. Please send a special gift to help fund PETA's ongoing campaigns to stop the suffering of animals in China and around the world. (

We're leading eye-opening campaigns against retailers and designers who still use fur, and we've convinced others to eliminate fur and exotic skins from their collections and to pledge never to use them again. We hold protests and educate the media and the public about the ugly truth behind the fur industry.

Thank you for everything that you do for animals.

Kind regards,

Ingrid E. Newkirk


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