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Homeland: TV Drama Shines a Public Light on Bipolar Disorder

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A wonderful Op Ed in the New York Times today, entitled My So-Called Bi-Polar Life (by Jamie Stiehm, published: January 17, 2012) caught my attention. In it he speaks of “Homeland,” Showtime’s psychological thriller starring Claire Danes, which draws in part upon the real drama of his own experience living with bipolar disorder. (His sister, Meredith, is the show's writer and knows his personal story well.)

"How rare to see a sparkling and spirited representation of what it’s actually like to walk through life with bipolar disorder. So let a thousand conversations bloom. Secrets held up to light and air lose their power in the public square," Jamie says.

How true. That, in and of itself, is enough to prompt me to sit down and watch this show. Thanks to Showtime for pulling bipolar disorder out of the shadows and into the light. Only by talking about mental illness can we begin to reduce the stigma that causes so many who need help to actually avoid seeking it.

You'll find Jamie's OpEd at the following URL:

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