Mónica Salazar Ortiz
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We’re Training to Protect Pandas

WWF has trained more than 300 (http://bit.ly/s0K9Ho) panda reserve staff and local government officials in nature reserve management, wildlife monitoring, anti-poaching patrolling and innovative conservation approaches. We are also helping to train local people to enforce reserve boundaries.

Researchers in the Wanglang Nature Reserve have placed camera traps throughout the reserve. The cameras are triggered by movement and record images of pandas and some of the other amazing wildlife that share the panda's habitat. The cameras, along with new GPS technology, are helping to create a more accurate picture of the number of pandas in the wild. Ongoing research and monitoring of pandas will be vital to our conservation success.

Learn more about our projects to help save giant pandas: http://bit.ly/s0K9Ho (http://bit.ly/s0K9Ho)

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