Losa Morrison
Losa Morrison campaign leader

Enjoying Life! Membership numbers increasing!

Hey guys thanks so much for all your support and thanks a whole heap for spreading the love!!

I just wanted to thank everyone who has joined and encourage everyone to have their say! What gives you enjoyment in life and what have you done recently to make someone else smile!??!?

Please post your thoughts, comments, hobbies or curiosities on our discussion board and hopefully this can all lead to something great!

Cheers everyone, I look forward to your responses ;-)

Campaign closed

In 2012 the Newman Government defunded essential HIV and support services to QLD's only LGBT dedicated not for profit service, Queensland Association for Healthy Communities (QAHC). This year, a group of dedicated volunteers are getting together a fundraising team for QAHC to participate in the Bridge to Brisbane in sponsorship for QAHC. So, get together a group of friends, register for…

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