Just so you know, the only beneficiary that we have at the moment is us.

You, me, and any local talent (like a mates band, artist) or fundraisers that you want to let us know about and the people in the community!

The strongest thing we have is our voice, passion and being positive. With that we can do almost anything, a force to be reckoned with!

Use this cause as a way of sharing what you Enjoy about Life, how you think things could be better, how your spreading the joy or how we could spread the joy.

This isn't a cult, a gimmick or religious. Its about sharing the fundamental belief that we reap what we sow. To create community awareness and to Enjoy or life and appreciate what we all have! Be grateful for what you have and if life seems like crap, think about all the good things that are out there.

Invite your friends to join up! and lets share ideas on how we can really make this happen and start making a difference... a few laughs would be good too!

Campaign closed

In 2012 the Newman Government defunded essential HIV and support services to QLD's only LGBT dedicated not for profit service, Queensland Association for Healthy Communities (QAHC). This year, a group of dedicated volunteers are getting together a fundraising team for QAHC to participate in the Bridge to Brisbane in sponsorship for QAHC. So, get together a group of friends, register for…

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Over four years ago my friend and I had the urge to create a cause that would encourage our community to stay connected and share their happiness and positivity. We believed that by doing so, as a group, we could combat some of the world's mental health issues. Back then we only had 100 members. Now, this cause has 1,276 members! I want to reopen this cause and begin by giving everyone a…

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