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Savita's Story

Savita’s Story - India
In 2009, child labor mercenaries posing as education agents, convinced the parents of 12 year old Savita that they could provide her a computer education in Delhi and a good income for their family, with frequent visits home. Unfortunately, once Savita and several of her friends arrived in Delhi, they were forced into slavery as domestic servants. When they protested, they were beaten and separated. Neither Savita’s family nor the girls received any income and the so-called “agency” pocketed all their earnings. Sadly, this type of child slavery is all too common in India, as well as other developing countries.

Thankfully, the Movement for Child Rights to Childhood (MCRC) raided the agency, rescued the girls and re-united them with their families. MCRC is working with Savita and her friends to catch them up on their education so they can re-enter school.

Thanks to you, Global Education Fund supports teacher training for the school that MCRC runs for children. With this support, Savita and others like her can be children again, get an education and become productive members of their communities. Savita also educates families not to believe these agents who come and depict rosy dreams. Savita is living proof that education gives children the chance to make a difference in their own lives and communicates.

See a short video about Savita at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eK0RuraSvb8

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