Suzanne Mieko
Suzanne Mieko campaign leader

GEF Kenya Leadership Program

In 2007, GEF launched the Kenya Leadership Program in response to the interrelated challenges facing impoverished Kenyan orphans: many orphans are unable to complete secondary school due to a lack of school fees and that those who complete secondary school often remain trapped in poverty because they lack the skills and network of support to find employment or pursue additional education.

The GEF Leadership Program is based on the concept that impoverished orphans are more likely to reach their full potential and truly improve their quality of life if they not only attend secondary school, but also receive training in critical real-world skills and support through a network of relationships.

The Kenya Leadership Program provides: fees for four years of secondary school; training in critical real-world skills through a range of workshops, retreats and projects; and a network of support and guidance through university student mentors, adult role models and peer support groups. GEF partners with secondary schools, Kenyan university ANU in addition to NGOs and is advised by business and civic leaders.

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