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Support Afghan Refugee Women!

We are pleased to offer a beautiful array of handmade jewelry and bookmarks from Afghan women in refugee camps in the North Western part of Pakistan (Baghicha, Tajabad and Haji camps). The women are employed by Zardozi - Markets for Afghan Artisans, an Afghan non-governmental organization. Zardozi grew from the DACAAR Sewing Circle and became an NGO in 2005. DACAAR, a Danish non-governmental, humanitarian organization, started the project in 1984 as an income generating activity for Afghan women living in camps in Pakistan. They continue the work of the sewing center by connecting highly skilled, rural Afghan women with markets for their unique handcrafted works. These gorgeous bracelets and bookmarks make excellent gifts for yourself, teachers, friends, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and special occasions!

All of Zardozi’s trading income is reinvested to create additional employment opportunities for these women. This network has been in existence for over 25 years and Zardozi employs approximately 91 people in Kabul, Jalalabad and Peshawar manufacturing and selling the handmade items of roughly 1,500 women. Many of these women would otherwise not have had the opportunity to create income for themselves and their families. This income enables the women to provide food, medicine, educational opportunities and other necessities for their families. It is because of Zardozi’s commitment to these women that we have chosen to collaborate with them on the manufacture of products that will be available exclusively on our site. All our products are hand embroidered and many have delicate mirrors embroidered on them, both consistent with traditional Afghan artistry.

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