Sammy Singh
Sammy Singh campaign leader



Watery cushion cuddling her, she thrives

Her limbs grow at a silent natural pace

Closed are her eyes and tiny her ears
Yet fully aware of life and its vibrations
She doesn’t know the pangs of hunger,
Her tiny pouch is filled without asking for
She kicks gently and coos silently
She is tenderly molded, perfectly modeled
Wet and glistening like a pearl in an oyster,
She is a magic of the creator
Created within a mothers womb

The magic is gone
The day she is born
Seems she is a load too heavy
Even to that woman who bore her for months
Reasons are varied, result is the same
She is left to the earth and winds
By the mother who proceeds nonchalantly to
Bear only sons!

Are such women
Mothers or man – making machines?
Women so heartless to finch at a girl
But who don’t mind bleeding and dying for
The pride called son!

Let such un – womanly women and their uncouth men
Break down, vanish and get annihilated
Heralding and welcoming the birth of a
GIRL – Child
Into a safe and halcyon world
Where girls of any color and race are received with
Joy, triumph and grace!
Hail and happiness to thee oh girl child
Welcome, welcome and welcome again!

ambika ananth


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