Victoria Dickerson Morgan
Victoria Dickerson Morgan campaign leader

We need help to continue telling this "real-life" story!

Children across the world are engaging in dangerous activities, which can limit the length and quality of their lives. Parents, we want to protect our children from lurking dangers, but we must first know about them. Over the past 2-1/2 years, I have learned that the majority of parents and other adults, have no idea what the "choking game" is, or how it can affect a loved one, or the warning signs to watch for. I pray that our youth will understand the consequences of deadly activities, such as these. Our family continues to take this message to communities, wherever we are called. Our goal is to "educate to eradicate" this activity! Please help us tell this "real-life" story, by learning more, inviting us to your communities and churches and talking to everyone you come in contact with about the "choking game"! August 28th would have been Jenny's 20th birthday and September 24th, will be mine. First, I beg you to please join our cause and invite your friends to join, help spread the word about this activity and if you have the desire to help us keep this cause alive, contact me about how you can help us with donations. We use all the funds given to provide scholarships to high school seniors, who will be entering a child-related field of study and to provide materials necessary for our presentations.. We are the messengers - now, it is your job to help us continue telling the story and saving lives, in your communities and your own homes! God bless each of you, as we work together to keep our children safe!

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