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Vegan Pizza Takes Over the World!

World Go Vegan Week Begins October 24, 2011

World Go Vegan Week (October 24 - 31) is a celebration of compassion,
and a time to take action for animals, the environment, world hunger,
and everyone's well-being. This year is going to be extra special …
and extra cheesy! We want to help make it even easier to be vegan, and
what better way than being able to order a quick and easy pizza - with
delicious vegan Daiya cheese.

You can help with just a few minutes of your time by reaching out to
your local pizzeria and asking them to offer a vegan pizza. Our goal
is to make eating vegan simple, fun, and accessible to every
community. One of the best aspects of restaurant outreach is that a
single person can make a direct and lasting difference for animals.

What you can do:

Please contact your local pizza shop and ask them to offer a vegan
pizza for the week of World Go Vegan Week. Our partners at Daiya
cheese have offered to provide a free sample of Daiya cheese for the
pizza shop to try. Daiya cheese melts, stretches, and tastes just like
traditional dairy-based cheese.

We will provide you with a letter and tips on how to approach the
pizzerias. Remember, all it takes is one person to make a major
difference in changing everyday restaurants into vegan-friendly

To be part of spreading the vegan pizza love in your community,
contact Hope Bohanec: [email protected] 415-448-0058 or 707-540-1760.

Vegan pizza outreach not your cup of tea? There are many other ways to
celebrate with us! Follow this link for other ideas to promote World
Go Vegan Week.

New to veganism? Follow this link to order a Vegan Starter Kit.


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