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Save Our Oceans and Rivers!

Rob Moir
Rob Moir campaign supporter

Where have all the herring (shad and mackeral) gone?
Pam Lyons Gromen, Executive Director of the National Coalition for Marine Conservation and Earthjustice’s Roger Fleming talk about where have the herring gone on Moir’s Environmental Dialogues.

When NMFS and NEFMC failed to stem the decline of sea herring, river herring and shad populations, a recreational fishing advocate, charter boat captain, and the Ocean River Institute filed suit, represented by Earthjustice.

Pam Gromen describes the life history of fish and explains why these fish are in jeopardy. Roger Fleming explains why a lawsuit is necessary when groups fail to act and what will be accomplished through our actions. Rob, Pam and Roger are active members of the Herring Alliance, a coalition of non-profit conservation and environmental organizations working to reform New England’s Atlantic herring fishery. The protection and restoration of river herring, shad, and Atlantic herring, is vital to the continued use and enjoyment of these waters.

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