Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith campaign leader

A Grand Thank You to the Following People:

The Alpha Kappa Psi Foundation and the incarcerated Fraternity Leadership would like to thank the following people who have helped to raise their bail:

On behalf of Alexander Sultan:
■Michael Sultan
■David Wilding

On behalf of Andrea Nemeth:
■David E. Johney
■Stephen Vasquez
■Michelle Grichuk
■Chad E. Smith
■Courtney C. Harrison

On behalf of David Wendroff:
■Wendy A. Wendroff
■Anderson Brothers, Inc.
■Pierre Lameh-Dao
■David E. Johney
■Melanie A. Kelsey
■William S. Russell
■Amanda S. Poch
■David Steele
■Wadeco Manufacturing Company
■DiLorenzo & Company, PC
■Network for Good
■Terri Krautscheid
■Lyllian Wendroff
■John C. Werner
■Scott M. Nelson

If you wish to help with their bail, please make a donation here or go to the AKPsi Foundation website.

The standings as of May 27, 2011 are:
1.David Wendroff $894.04
2.Andrea Nemeth $204.04
3.Alexander Sultan $ 75.00
4.Greg Sottolano —zilch—

Campaign closed

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