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Vote today and help CIC win the $5,000 Floradix Fan Favorite Award!

CIC is in the top 5 for the Floradix Fan Favorite Award challenge with your help - Help us finish strong!!

If you haven't already voted, please vote today! If you already voted, please tell your friends, and share this link as your status:

The $5,000 Floradix Fan Favorite Award from FAM will help to expand our educational programs that have a direct, and positive impact on women's pregnancy and birth experiences.

You don't have to take our word for it - this is what one childbirth professional had to say about our Guide to a Healthy Birth:

Thank you for this information! The Guides were a wonderful resource for the expectant moms at our pregnancy support group. It was amazing: I handed them out to the 12 women last week, and a week later, two wanted to change hospitals (due to their high C-section rates), one wanted to change care providers, four are now looking for posptarum doulas, and two are hoping to hire birth doulas...I am so blessed to be able to get the word out and give these women such amazing resources!

- Renee Sullivan Babybites Support Groups

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The Details:

As one of the finalists for a grant proposal we submitted to FAM (the Foundation for the Advancement of Midwifery), CIC is eligible to compete for an additional $5,000 Fan Favorite Award furnished by Floradix. Your vote will help us to win crucial dollars that support our educational resources for women: the online Mother-Friendly Provider Network and the printed Guide to a Healthy Birth!

Here's how you can help:

1. VOTE for us! Use this link to complete the survey and choose CHOICES IN CHILDBIRTH when you get to the selection page! (you have to click through a few pages first with a few words from the generous sponsors of this award, but hang in there - we appreciate your vote!)

2. SHARE your status! Copy this text, and set it as your status on Facebook, G-chat and Instant Messenger:
Please vote for an organization I support, Choices in Childbirth, to help them win a $5k award to fund their work to educate and support women in their maternity care options:

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4. TELL US YOUR STORY! We would love to hear your story of what CIC means to you.

Please tell us more! We'd love to be able to show what our work means to our supporters.
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