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CIC needs your vote to win a $5k Fan Favorite Award to fund our educational programs!

We are thrilled to announce that CIC is eligible to win a $5,000 Fan Favorite award from the Foundation for the Advancement of Midwifery
- and we need your help to win it! click here to vote for us

As one of the finalists for a grant proposal we submitted to FAM, CIC is eligible to compete for an additional $5,000 Fan Favorite Award furnished by Floradix. Your vote will help us to win crucial dollars that support our educational resources for women: the online Mother-Friendly Provider Network and the printed Guide to a Healthy Birth!

Here's how you can help:

1. VOTE for us! Complete the survey and choose CHOICES IN CHILDBIRTH when you get to the selection page! (you have to click through a few pages first with a few words from the generous sponsors of this award, but hang in there - we appreciate your vote!) - CHOICESINCHILDBIRTH.ORG/VOTE

2. SHARE your status! Help us to spread the word by copying this text, and setting it as your status on facebook, G-chat and Instant Messenger:

"Please vote for an organization I support, Choices in Childbirth, to help them win a $5k award to fund their work to educate and support women in their maternity care options: "

3. FORWARD this email! Please help us by forwarding this message to your friends, families, and colleagues and encouraging them to vote for our grant proposal.

4. TELL US YOUR STORY! We would love to hear your story of what CIC means to you.
Did our Guide help you navigate your choices in childbirth?
Did our Provider Network help you find a great care provider?
Have you felt inspired or empowered as a woman or a parent by one of our events?
Please tell us more! We'd love to be able to show what our work means to our supporters.
Email [email protected] with your story!

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