Maria Forro
Maria Forro campaign leader

Worldwide Flash-Mob against the euthanasia law.

Activists such dear .. .

For days you considered all of what we can do until the next vote takes place to apply pressure? It's voting time for the recent actions, they will soon, we need World-wide print!

Will all act now!! Now everything is no excuse! For this event, nobody has to drive hundreds of miles, it takes place in his own front door!
Romania is to see that all of Germany behind it, adjacent regions of Austria and Switzerland also please join!

We will ask that you painted with a poster, printed or handwritten on A4 or A3 drawing pad, or poster prints

- Romania, Land of Death
- Romania, Land of Dogkillers
- Romania, out of European Union
- Romania, out of the EU

at your place signs or landmarks, railway station etc., where you see the place names, set up with a few people and take pictures!!

You have all free tomorrow, Saturday, shops are open again, so it's time for printing, labeling, etc.

Maybe you're not on a Easter and there you have the option to burn such a sign with the masses in the background, photographed every place name with a few people in front of Romania and the slogans!

Photos are posted at: [email protected]
and should be received no later than Monday afternoon,
Maja von Hohenzollern Princess so she on Tuesday to
next vote is present!

This is an event in collaboration

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