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Here are a few things you should know!

- A recent AP/Petside poll found that 59% of American pet owners think it's OK to declaw a cat. This proves the level of ignorance of the American public, since the poll-takers evidently made no effort to tell the truth about declawing. Education is the answer; so we have to keep going!

- To aid in public education (if you haven't seen it already), the Paw Project has a powerful public service announcement: Please share this video far and wide; we need to get the message out to people who don't understand the issue!

- In addition, Little Big Cat ( has a new Declawing category for articles, featuring just-published pieces on the Physical Consequences of Declawing, Annotated Reference List, and Studies Pertaining to Declawing. Please feel free to copy and share any of our material on declawing.

- The American Veterinary Medical Association recently updated its Veterinarian's Oath to include" animal welfare" and "prevention of animal suffering." It's rather appalling that these had not been goals of the profession until November 2010! Unfortunately it does not apply to vets who took the oath before the new provisions were added. Therefore I have posted a petition at where veterinarians can sign to affirm their intention to abide by all the provisions of the revised Oath. Please ask your veterinarian to sign it!

That's all for now! Thanks for all the good work you do!

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