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getting the law passed fora mandatoey life sentance for child molesters and repeat domestic abusers petition

Please sign this petition and pass it on to everybody you can, lets be the one to make a difference, and start doing something from these crimes being commited. We need to help protect innocent women and children from this abuse, a child molester serves 15 months in prison in Michigan and then released, most times a domestic abusers never serve time women are scared to death if they put them in prison they will surely be severly punished from doing it when the abuser gets released, I know this personally. meanwhile it takes years sometimes never to recover from these crimes, or the victims are left with physcial and emotional damnage for life,WE have to be the opnes to try to pass this law because no one else is trying to end the violent crimes.please sign and make a difference today, Bless you and thank you. The web site to sign petition is as follows:

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