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Message from Leo to Members

Dear Members,

Thank you for joining our Facebook Causes page, which is currently promoting the World Wildlife Fund campaign to save tigers from extinction. In a short amount of time we have become a community of 14,000 people and we’ve raised nearly $2,500 or tiger conservation! With your help we should be able to reach people around the globe to spread the word and reach membership into the millions. There are just 3,200 tigers left in the wild so we need to act quickly.

The donations made thru this page go directly to supporting anti-poaching efforts and habitat protection in the 12 priority landscapes that represent the best locations to maintain thriving tiger populations, in India, Nepal, Bhutan, China, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, Vietnam and Russia. The money also funds advocacy and outreach activities to build support for tiger conservation.

It’s important to understand that by protecting the tigers, we’re protecting human habitats, critical ecosystems and more.

Though our core goal is to protect the tiger species from extinction and double their numbers over the next 12 years, both humanity and many other species benefit from tiger conservation. Saving tigers involves protecting some of our last remaining forests, which are home to hundreds of other species, and improving the lives of the local communities that live in and around tiger habitat. For example, the local people who live around Nepal national park lands where tigers roam are given a financial interest in the eco tourism generated by the parks. Local people are also hired to be park rangers whose job is to protect tigers and rhinos from illegal poaching. In Nepal, sustainable livelihoods are hard to come by so providing local people with financial incentives to keeping the wildlife abundant and healthy is key. We can save a species, protect the environment and improve the lives of people simultaneously.

Justin Winters, Executive Director, will continue to update you on our progress. We’ve seen this Causes page inspire many of you to create videos, share news stories, and personal experiences about the plight of the tiger. Thank you for your videos, positive feedback, news stories, and most of all donations.

We are excited to share more in the coming months about the trip we took to Nepal and Bhutan with WWF to learn about the threats facing tigers and what can be done to save them. It was an incredible journey.

Thanks again for all your support.

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