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Whether you joined this cause just to put your opinion,or because you understand why I have it,know someone who is locked up with facebook,Thanks for joining. To answer all questions about me I thought Id write..
My cause profile picture was removed by facebook,but since then I cannot seem to find his any more either.Then that is fine. I will get my point across one way or another.
Yes I had been in prison before,I was 18 and my friends stole some things. As a friend I didnt care,but they got caught leaving my house when I told them to leave. I went to prison. It was 1992. I saw alot inside there. The very ugliness of the world. I would see all kinds of criminals.

One thing I noticed was that as I stayed there,I could almost tell you their crimes before they hit there rack. It was game I had began to play with myself. You could always tell the sex offenders right off. They usually were quiet and they seemed to age quicker. The rapist was usually loud and obnoxious,always lying about a crime he did commit.They were the worst. I wasnt in there but a few years. All i thought about them was they were sick. But in my short time I saw them get out and be right back in. One guy was on his 3 rd conviction of molesting.I began to dispise them most.

After i had children I never hoped these things would happen... Heres part of my story. I moved where I live in September 2001... I was here a few months and met this girl through some friends.. We went out all together and her and I started talking. She told me about her daughter being abused by the guy I had pictured on my page.

I loved her the first time I saw her. I met her boys first. We dated a minute before I met her daughter(my daughter) I went t Pizza Hut the first time I met "my daughter" The youngest boy of 3 needed to go to the bathroom..His mom (now my wife) was going to take him. I said I would cause he didnt need to go to the bathroom with mom. I did and showed him the toilet and helped him get ready. His innocent voice said to me "Are you gunna touch my butt?'' I said "No,Why?".. He said my daddy do,like it was nothing. It broke my heart.

Years passed,this guy was found guilty and has to serve 30 years in Mississippi State Pen. Years after that things were great. I started having a good life.Everything was fine. One day "my son" said something strange. I found out the older sibling had been doing these things to the others. So the way I figured it was it came from him(the guys picture I had)

It destroyed my family.Me and my wife split up. My son is with me. My other son volunteered to get help and spent time "away" at facility.. He faced what he did. Admitted what he did,and has been a better person because he has dealt with it. Me and my wife are still separated but we still do family things together,and I have been able to forgive him.

I always have my religious beliefs thrown at me here.Dont worry about if I forgive them or not,thats between them and God. Forgiveness doesnt mean they should just go free.Like I said my forgivness doesnt matter as much as what they have in there hearts,I forgive the rest is between his self and God...

I hated that man who destroyed my family and I didnt even know him. He even said my wife and I made it up,but we didnt know eachother then.I had to learn to forgive this guy because I needed to. I was carrying around alot of weight.. Because I forgive doesnt mean they should be let free,or not pay for your actions,its just no place for me to judge.

I just wanted to tell you where I am in this and who I am... If you have any questions about anything write me... If ya want to send hate mail thats cool too..I get it everyday.If I can help anyone I will,even if its just to vent... Everyone is entitled to there opinions. Just like me... I love a debate... Check or find out whats going on..or look up prison penpals,Then tell me they don't get on computers.... Blake Williamson


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