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January 2011 Update

Hi Everyone

It's been good to see more and more people contributing and joining the event of Holocaust Memorial Day 2011 which is nearing closer. It would be fantastic if even more got involved and that more were aware of this significant event. Keep inviting and spread awareness

Secondly, a huge thanks goes to Helmut Brunner who donated $100 to Yad Vashem Intl. we now have $175 in total raised through the Holocaust Memorial Foundation caused and remember each person who donates is made a cause administrator as well as the top cause recruiter.

So, the contributing admins for this month are:


1. Helmut Brunner, New Admin [$100]
2. Deborah Stein Ojserkis, Current Admin [$50]
3. Kate Wells, Current Admin [$25]


1. Élisabeth Gleitzer (#24)

All of you are appreciated, as well as all of our cause members, keep going

Josh & Mary

Campaign closed

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