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Where you invest your Love, You invest your Life!

We are so overwhelmed by the generosity of all of you to reach our Christmas goal of $10,000 and we did it!!! But let's not stop here!!
I have been making myself stay very aware of the need in Haiti even when I am not there. My biggest fear is that I become complacent and start to think "oh, I have done enough." I have been three times, I have raised money, given of myself, I think I am finished now.
The problem with this is that it is never finished. The amount of need is greater than our minds can comprehend and can overwhelm your heart and your finances, trust me, I know this. Balancing is difficult and keeping a level head about things is a daily struggle for me.
However, I do know this, when you give of yourself, it comes back ten fold. You may not realize it now, but you will be blessed. Selflessness does not go unnoticed and the lives of these three guys and their families are starting to change DRASTICALLY!
So let's continue forward. My next goal is to raise another $5000 by March 1st, that's two months away. I leave for Haiti again on February 25th and I would like to think that when I go, I can tell Sonson, that we have almost the entire amount for his house to be built! That would be an incredible gift.
We are working on Sonson's house first to get him and his family out of the refugee camp, and then continuing from there with Pepe and Sam. We have donated $1000 to Pepe already to build a bathroom in his already exciting one room space, since they have none.

So please, once again, dig deep in your pockets and better yet, spread the word!! There are SO MANY people we can reach on Facebook, with the click of a button. If you commit to sending this post and Cause out to 25 of your friends, we can channel so much more interest and hopefully donations.

I am hoping to have a blog up by the end of the month with photos, a mini documentary of their lives and journal entries so that you can follow their lives and the progression of their homes being built.

Please continue to support and thank you for all you have done!

Will love and peace,


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