Chiraag Kirpalani
Chiraag Kirpalani campaign leader

Our Cause: 2 Year Anniversary Approaching

Hi all,

Reflecting on our upcoming two year anniversary, I remember starting this cause expecting a couple of hundred people to join. So I am speechless to see the number of people who have supported this issue. I am extremely thankful for the tremendous amount of effort and involvement so many of you have shown.

With that said, I am looking for new ideas on how to link our cause's efforts most efficiently towards the goal in hand. I reach out to look for help, for some fresh ideas. Please comment on this bulletin with your ideas, or contact any of our admins: Khush, Shivan, Vir, or myself.

My biggest worry is in lieu of India's tremendous economic growth numbers, and new superpower status (which should indeed make every one of us Indians proud), we as a nation are not satisfying the basic needs of our ENTIRE population, leaving so many children under desperate circumstances.

My initiative is to bring further awareness to so many that are unable to voice out for help.

I intend to match every penny that is raised in this cause, in addition to my current private contributions, so I encourage you to donate, even at the "Facebook pre-set" minimum.(Im not sure what that number is) Every penny counts.

Even if you are unable to help donate if you can invite more people. The more people that know about it the more people that might want to donate, and furthermore will help push my #1 initiative, which is to bring further awareness to this area.

If you are interested in helping my cause, or want to find out more about my cause please contact me.


With love,

Chiraag Kirpalani

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