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Save Our Oceans and Rivers!

Rob Moir
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National Ocean Council Unveils Stewardships Plans At Boston's Historic Faneuil Hall

In Jan 2010 we called for a national ocean policy. On Dec 9, 2010 the National Ocean Council principals (NOAA, the Navy, Coast Guard and Interior) presented their stewardship plans in Boston’s Faneuil Hall. At the front of the great room is an enormous painting by George Healy. Daniel Webster stands surrounded by legislators with stakeholders filling the balcony above. Webster sought permission from the Massachusetts legislature to expand his farming operation in Marshfield into the salt marsh. Privatization of ocean environs, the taking of public commons, was well underway by 1840.

Leadership represented the National Ocean Council from NOAA, the Navy, the Coast Guard and Interior. They reiterated the Administration’s commitment to provide the most senior levels of engagement in the implementation of the National Ocean Policy. The historic presentations with questions and answers was a historic step forward of the President’s vision to ensure the sustainability, resilience, health, security, and productivity of ocean, coastal and Great Lakes resources for the benefit of all Americans.

Thanks to wearing blue and your calls for comprehensive ocean management, the Feds are getting it together for responsible collaborative ocean management!

Please spread the word. Stay tuned at oceanriver-dot-org

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