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Save Our Oceans and Rivers!

Rob Moir
Rob Moir campaign supporter

Thank You for 26,727 Letters to Decision-makers in 2010

You wrote the most letters (21% of 26k) in support of belugas, the magnificent whistling and chirping white whales of Cook Inlet, Alaska. You demanded critical habitat designation of their home waters. That decision is still pending.

Our Indian River Lagoon (FL) campaign to save dolphins suffering from excessive nitrogen and phosphorus pollution was second with 18% of the letters written. Participation was 15% in the Green Slime, Red Tide Nevermore campaign. Nearly tied for second (17%) was No New Drilling combined with Let’s Federalize the Clean Up. A three way tie for third goes to the National Endowment for Oceans, a National Ocean Policy and Take Harmful Chemicals Out of Drinking Water. You also wrote letters in 2010 to build a salt marsh on Chelsea Creek, protect blue fin tuna and Atlantic wolfish, save the British Virgin Islands, the Westfield River and Stellwagen Bank.

When you write and join with ORI’s efforts, decision-makers listen. They listen because many of you take the time to put the issue into their own words. They listen because your letters are thoughtful and heartfelt. Decision makers do not always decide the way we want. However, decisions are made in the knowledge of an articulate populace, us, speaking up from across the nation and beyond. Thank you for enabling ORI to make a positive difference on the environmental questions of our times.

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